Self-Consumption Integrated Systems E&E-Solution®

This integrated solution for power generation, storage and energy saving for the realization of Carbon-Free Society provided by a comprehensive wiring system manufacture.

Our integrated energy generation and saving optimization control system specializes in PPA and self-consumption, and aims for optimal control of effective energy utilization and saving including self-consumption solar power generation, storage, and energy conservation for air conditioning.

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    Designed optimal systems for PPA and self-consumption Flexibility feasible to large scale facilities

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    System linking

    Supporting effective energy utilization by linking power storage and solar power generation systems

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    Reduced cost

    Cost reduction by combining with air conditioning power reduction and power self-consumption

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    Equipped with unique reverse power flow prevention control

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    The power storage system is equipped with various control profile registration and scheduling functions

*2 E&E Solution®: Self-consumption power generation monitoring system

E&E-Solution® Overall Scope

Overall scope

Integrated monitoring and control solutions for solar power generation equipment to help achieve Carbon-Free Society

Energy & Ecology Solution (E&E-Solution®) is a system that we offer as an optimal solution that combines control of self-consumption power generation equipment (solar power generation and energy storage systems) and power consumption (reduction of air conditioning power) while maximizing the use of renewable energy.

Main features

  1. Reverse power flow prevention control of power conditioners developed through power company output control

    In 2015, we took part in a demonstration project with Kyushu Electric Power Company and became the first company to support power conditioner output control. We are developing this technical achievement in self-consumption to achieve stable control.

  2. Linking to Storage Batteries

    When reverse power flow is about to occur, reverse power flow prevention function of battery starts charge process before power conditioner output is controlled.
    Linking with storage battery enables peak cut, demand shift and BCP.

  3. Linking with air conditioning power reduction systems

    This system promotes energy saving by optimally controlling air conditioning and reducing power consumption.
    By linking with a solar power generation system, flexible air conditioning control and adjustment of supply-demand balance can be performed by using the scheduling functions and ability to register multiple profiles.

  4. Linking with MATAS® to diagnose deterioration trends of power generation equipment

    This system assists in effective maintenance by diagnosing deterioration trends in power generation equipment using data acquired at power plants and a proprietary calculation algorithm.
    * MAintenance Timing Assist System

System outline

System outline

E&E Solution® Self-consumption Solar Power Generation Control Systems

Self-consumption solar power generation control systems

Optimal control of self-consumption solar power generation control systems

Make the most of self-consumption solar power generation with a reliable tracking control function and an innovative rapid control function to help reduce CO2 and energy costs.
Linking with a cloud server allows for easy visualization of equipment power.

Main features

  1. Reliable tracking control function and innovative rapid control function

    The tracking control function provides optimal control to maximize the use of generated power while tracking the load.
    The rapid control function with proprietary algorithm prevents reverse power flows in response to sudden changes in power consumption.

  2. Linking with a cloud server
    allows for easy visualization of power

    Linking with a cloud server enables to confirm the power status of facilities anytime, anywhere.
    MATAS® provides expandability that includes diagnosis of deterioration trends, long-term data storage, and linking with other servers.

  3. Abundant track record with domestic and overseas power conditioner manufacturers

    We are the only control equipment manufacturer that has taken part in a demonstration project for output control with a power company, and we have an extensive track record and experience in this area.
    We work with numerous domestic and overseas power conditioner manufacturers and can flexibly accommodate equipment of various configurations.

  4. Integrated energy monitoring at multiple facilities

    Integrated optimal display of the operational status of multiple solar power generation facilities is suitable for PPA projects and contributes to operations and maintenance efficiency.
    Daily reports (every 30 minutes) for one year can be output all at once to improve efficiency in creating reports, such as for detailed management of solar power generation results.

Monitoring screen image

■Self-consumption output control

[Tracking control]
Tracking control
[Rapid control]
Rapid control

■Integrated monitoring screen for multiple power generation facilities

[Integrated monitoring screen]
Integrated monitoring screen Integrated monitoring screen

E&E-Solution® Storage Battery Monitoring and Control Systems

Storage battery Monitoring and Control Systems

Allows for optimal control with self-consumption using storage batteries of any company, BCP support, peak shifting, and linking with solar power generation facilities to help create Carbon-Free Society

Main features

  1. Monitoring and recharge/discharge of storage batteries and flexible coordinated control with solar power in response to customer needs

    Flexible settings for coordinated operation are possible, such as recharge/discharge control of storage batteries while monitoring solar power generation and load fluctuations of facilities, and to maximize use of solar power energy.

  2. Flexible support for monitoring and control by combining various types of storage batteries and domestic and foreign power conditioners

    Supported by our track record and know-how of installing monitoring systems at more than 2,900 large- and medium-scale solar power facilities, we are able to provide coordinated control between storage batteries and solar power generation equipment from various companies.*1

    *1 Please contact us for supported models and models that may be under consideration.

  3. Proprietary control methods allow for storage battery recharging and discharging and efficient operation of storage batteries

    It is possible not only to link to solar power generation but also to comprehensively control air conditioning, which accounts for a large share of facility loads. It is also possible to monitor the data from LED lighting as part of a load.

System outline diagram

System outline diagram

System diagram

System diagram

E&E-Air® Air Conditioning Power Reduction Control Systems

Air conditioning power reduction control systems

Systems for air conditioning power reduction that can balance comfort and economic performance

These can be used to reduce power consumption of air conditioning such as in supermarkets, drug stores, and nursing care facilities.

Main features

  1. Automatically adjusts the set temperature to reduce air conditioning power consumption while maintaining comfort

    This adjusts the set temperature and air volume every five minutes to save energy while staying comfortable.

  2. Fine tune the set temperature for each air conditioner

    Fine tune the set temperature for each air conditioner to achieve comfort according to the installation location.

  3. Use the automatic temperature adjustment and scheduling functions for hands-free operation

    Functions to automatically adjust the temperature settings, and schedule power on and off reduce the load on administrators.

  4. Perform monitoring and change settings anywhere with a cloud server

    It is possible to view temperature status and adjust set temperatures remotely.

  5. Major Japanese air conditioner manufacturers are supported

    We support industrial air conditioners made by Japanese six major manufacturers, so our systems can be installed in nearly any facility.

System diagram

■Wiring diagram of centralized controller for outdoor unit (made by air conditioner manufacturer) and E&E Air® controller

Wiring diagram of centralized controller for outdoor unit (made by air conditioner manufacturer) and E&E Air controller

■Monitoring and control screen image

[Outline of air conditioner status]
Outline of air conditioner status
[Temperature, humidity, and set temperature display]
Temperature, humidity, and set temperature display

Web Monitoring: 24-hour Monitoring Service

Web Monitoring: 24-hour Monitoring Service

The Onamba web monitoring service is operated by an affiliated company, Intelligent Solar
System Co., Ltd.


  1. Web monitoring service (cloud service) 

    Data from solar power plants is loaded to a cloud server, and we provide the infrastructure for monitoring the data on the web.

  2. Maintenance service for monitoring system

    In addition to web monitoring, we also provide monitoring of equipment status.

  3. 24-hour monitoring

    In addition to web monitoring and monitoring of equipment status, we provide status reports and accurate troubleshooting support.

    Optional services

    ■Performance degradation prediction diagnosis (MATAS®)

    ■Remote maintenance

    • Ask about our optional services at the time of contract signing.
    • 1 to 3 and optional services are available for a fee.
System outline diagram
Intelligent Solar System Co., Ltd.

Intelligent Solar System will watch over your various facilities. In addition, dedicated staff can discover equipment issues at an early stage and provide primary troubleshooting support.

In addition to being able to monitor the operation status of equipment over the internet, customers who subscribe to our remote monitoring contract also have the option of using the analysis function for data stored on the cloud server and our performance degradation prediction diagnosis software (MATAS®).

Product Information

Feel free to contact us for more information aboutour company, products, and track record.

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