Message from the President

Toward Becoming a Global Comprehensive Wire System Manufacturer that Contributes to Carbon-Free Society

Our company is a comprehensive wire system manufacturer that has four major business areas: Wires & Cables; Wire Harnesses; Renewable Energy Resources; and Harness Processing Machinery & Parts.

Since early stage of company, we have pursued overseas production of wire harnesses for consumer products and we have domestic and overseas (21 companies in 8 countries including Japan, China, and the U.S.)

By providing products, and services that meet our customers’ needs, we have grown into the largest Japanese manufacturer of wire harnesses for consumer and industrial devices, and the No. 1 photovoltaic wiring units (PVU®) producing company in its industry.

In addition to making improvements in our core technologies and expanding the global growth of each major business areas, we will strengthen competitiveness through corporate-wide synergistic efforts.

Based on our Management Philosophy, our company will contribute to building a carbon-free society, and aim to a company that can benefit our customers, our local communities, our employees and their families and our shareholders.


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