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Factory Applications

Our cables serve a variety of uses, from computer cables to industrial control cables.
Factory Applications Factory Applications

Products for Japan


  • VCTF/HVCTF PVC cabtire round cables
  • Anti-bacterial cables (VCTF) PVC cabtire round cables
  • VCT/HVCT PVC cabtire cables, etc.

Control and Communications

  • KIV/HKIV PVC insulated wires for electrical equipment
  • ONB (equivalent to MVVS) Super-small type instrumentation cables with braided shield
  • High-frequency coaxial cables PVC cabtire cables
  • EM-TIEF Flame-resistant polyethylene insulated indoor flat communication wires, etc.

Solar Power Generation

  • PV cables CV、HCV、EM CE/F、PV-CC , etc.

Products for Overseas

Products for Fixed Applications

  • MSF-2464 Series Cables for electronic device wiring
  • OTSC(U) UL20620 Multipair cables for terminal devices, etc.

Products for Moving Applications

  • S-OTSC
  • Multipair shielded cables for terminal devices, etc.

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