Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

1. Our basic approach

Based on a high level of corporate ethics in accordance with our management philosophy, we recognize the importance of ensuring legality and validity in decision-making and execution, and it is our basic policy to ensure the sustainable development of our business.

Under this policy, we make management decisions swiftly and flexibly, expand our business and strengthen our corporate competitiveness, improve the corporate value of our entire group over the long term based on our sustainability policy*1, and demonstrate our commitment to meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.

Today, companies must not only comply with laws and regulations, but also fulfill their corporate social responsibility by acting in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Onamba’s mission is to develop and provide safety and eco-friendly products, technologies, and services, to realize better global environment, and to contribute developing better society. We believe we will earn the trust of society by engaging in corporate activities with integrity and sincerity.

*1 Sustainability policy

Our aim is to improve sustainable corporate value by implementing our management philosophy.

  1. Creating solutions to social issues through our business based on our medium-to-long-term vision
  2. Achieving fair and transparent management with the aim of becoming a truly global corporation
  3. Building strong relationships of trust based on dialogue with all of our stakeholders

Onamba Group CSR Activities:Initiatives Toward Achieving the SDGs

At Onamba Group, as part of our commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we focus on :

1. Onamba group code of conduct
  1. Quality and safe manufacturing
  2. Compliance with laws and regulations
  3. Respect for human rights, individuality, and personalities
  4. Fair transactions
  5. Good relations with politics, government, and local communities
  6. Timely and appropriate disclosure and management of corporate information
  7. Preservation of the environment
  8. Taking action against anti-social forces
  9. Responsiveness to international society
  10. Prevention of harassment
2. Initiatives Toward Achieving the SDGs (*2) through our business activities

We will contribute to the realization of sustainable social environment through engineering expertise cultivated in our business field.

*2 The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 universal goals to achieve sustainable development that were adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

7 Affordable and clean energy
  • We have been creating clean energy for many years as a leading company of renewable energy, focusing on PVU systems and monitoring systems.
  • We adopted the “2017 Project for Upgrading Safety Regulations for Renewable Energy” into our business.
  • We developed the MATAS maintenance alert system for predicting drops in power generation of solar power generation equipment and minimizing power generation opportunity loss.
  • We are certified as a next-generation bidirectional communication output control demonstration company for the practical application of solar power generation output control systems at Kyushu Electric Power Company.
11 Sustainable cities and communities
  • We provide comprehensive solutions to make energy-saving self-consumption possible in clean and comfortable spaces, with the aim of creating sustainable living spaces that are resilient in the face of disasters.
  • We expanded our IoT technology based on 5G to create more advanced living spaces.
13 Climate action
  • Our Energy & Ecology (E&E) products contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions by saving energy.
  • Our solar power generation related products contribute to combating climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
16 Peace, justice, and strong institutions
  • We take initiatives for activities based on our corporate code of conduct that include respecting human rights, individuality, and personalities, preventing harassment, and taking action against anti-social forces.
3. Protect the environment and prevent pollution through the implementation of our Environmental Policy

Based on our slogan, “connecting the boundless beauty of the earth to the future,” the Onamba group develops business activities with a focus on the production of various wires, photovoltaic wiring units (PVUs), harness products, and other related products, and manages the environment based on the following policies.

Environmental Policy

1. Protecting the environment and preventing pollution
We constantly recognize the environmental effects of our business activities and products, set environmental objectives and goals where technically and economically feasible, and continuously improve our environmental management system as we work to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

2. Adhering to environment-related laws and regulations
Onamba has established voluntary standards and operational procedures to comply with environmental laws, customer requirements, and other requirements to which we have agreed. We conduct compliance evaluations and work to continuously improve our environmental management system.

In addition, especially with chemical substances contained in products, we are taking initiatives throughout the company to comply with customer requirements and provide safer, higher quality products.
3. Setting and achieving environmental objectives

We are working on the following environmental management priority topics regarding the environmental impact of our business activities and products:

  1. Promoting product assessment from the development and design stages to provide new technologies and products that help improve environmental issues.
  2. Promoting environmental activities to improve knowledge and awareness about environmental protection.
  3. Promoting energy conservation measures to prevent global warming.
  4. Promoting reduction of emissions to improve the effective use of resources.

ISO 14001 Certification Status

ISO 14001 Certification Status

Onamba received ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems

ISO 14001
Under the International Organization for Standardization’s management system standards, organizations such as companies and associations must establish a system for sustainable improvement of the environmental impact of their activities, products, and services, and they must create a PDCA cycle to continuously improve that system.
Organizations are expected to reduce harmful environmental impacts (environmental burden), increase their beneficial environmental impacts, improve their organization management, and provide environmental management.
However, there are no specific arrangements for assessing environmental performance, and organizations are expected to evaluate their efforts on a voluntary basis.
Location Company name Date certified
Japan Osaka Onamba Co., Ltd. December 1999
Onamba Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd. December 1999
Kanagawa Union Machinery Co., Ltd. April 2006
Overseas Mexico Arneses y Conexiones, S.A. de C.V. (ARCOSA) August 1999
Czech Republic Czech Republic Onamba s.r.o. (CRO) January 2005
Vietnam Vietnam Onamba Co., Ltd. (VTO) January 2010
Indonesia PT. Onamba Indonesia (INO) October 1999
China 欧南芭電子配件 ( 昆山 ) 有限公司
Onamba Electronic Parts (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. (KSO) September 2000
Hangzhou ASLE E. Co., Ltd. (HASL) April 2001

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